raul-art-talk I attend the Artist(s) Talk and Opening Reception for Raul Gonzalez III and Elaine Bay’s most recent exhibit, Riding toward Ninguna Parte at UMass Lowell (University Gallery). It was an entertaining presentation where Raul and Elaine talked about their collaborative works from the early days as members of the Miracle5 art collective to their most recent exhibition at the UNH Museum of Art. My wife and two children joined me for the reception, where we had the privilege of receiving a galley tour by Raul Gonzalez IV (pictured about- far right). Raulito was generous with his time and provided unique insight into his parent’s collaborative installations. If you look closely you can see my son, Colin (the chocolate junkie) inhaling a brownie. The little man is a big fan of reception spreads that include sugar based foods.

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