Migros Magazine

August 29, 2012freelance

The folks from the popular Swiss publication, Migros Magazine approached me about purchasing the rights to one of my old sketches for use in the magazine’s weekly “How To” feature.  This happy laptop was part of a sketchbook doodle that I posted on my old blog years ago. What was a rough sketch for a project that didn’t get off the … Read More

D2D: Ground Floor

August 23, 2012freelance

Mockup of the interior page of the Degrees 2 Dreams website. Users start their journey on the ground floor and move up the building as they go through the stages of the program starting with Crafting a Resume. I’m also illustrating the levels between floors and the rooftop party.

D2D: Homepage

August 16, 2012freelance

Here’s sample cropped from the Degrees 2 Dreams homepage. I also illustrated seven floors of a building for the website’s inner (content) page.

Degrees 2 Dreams

August 8, 2012freelance

Here’s a coulpe Sherpas from my latest project. I’m working with my friends at Fizzy Media to create a website for a start-up called Degrees 2 Dreams. My contribution is  illustrating a city building from the ground floor to a party on the roof. The site’s content ls sandwiched between the illustrations of the floors (building levels). Sherpas show up on the homepage … Read More