generation gap - by bill porterMy old Genration Gap comic is going to be publish again. Since I posted this illustration on my blog in 2007 I have been approached by publishers around the world for the rights. The requests slowed down when I removed my old blog; the original track back source. Luckily there are a few respectful folks out there that properly cited my work allowing the German publisher, RAABE to find the image and trace it back to me. This time the comic will be published in a book for German primary and secondary school teachers called “RAAbits Realschule Sozialkunde/Politik”.


  • I am a professor at a college in Pinehurst, NC and would like permission to use your cartoon in my course which is taught online. I would be happy to give you credit for the work and display your website as well.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Nevius Toney

  • Hi. Good morning!
    Bill, I’m Sandra Domingues, English teacher in Brazil. Nowadays I’m developing some material for kids learners of English. I ‘ve been looking for material that fits the issues approached in the books.
    For this I would like to know what the procedure is to use your famous cartoon on generational gap, by the way, great!
    I’d be thankful if you respond this e-mail. Including, it would be an honor to have your works in our books, and of course you will be credited for it. In case you charge for it , we could talk about it in another opportunity.
    Have a nice day!
    Sandra Domingues

  • Hi Bill,
    I am writing my MSC dissertation on digital natives and digital immigrants- I would like to include your cartoon if that is possible – I will of course cite it using Harvard referencing ( you have reference everything! )

  • Hello Mr. Porter,

    I am a professor of Education at a college in Massachusetts. I would like to use your cartoon within a closed system, Canvas, online course. Of course I would cite you and this website as the source of your great cartoon. Thanks.


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