D2D: Apartments

November 30, 2012freelance

Another level from the D2D project. The talented development team is working on the finishing touches and the complete site will be launching soon.

D2D: Fitness Center

September 3, 2012freelance

More from the Degrees 2 Dreams website project. The illustrated floors appear between levels of content. This level appears above the Resume section.

D2D: Ground Floor

August 23, 2012freelance

Mockup of the interior page of the Degrees 2 Dreams website. Users start their journey on the ground floor and move up the building as they go through the stages of the program starting with Crafting a Resume. I’m also illustrating the levels between floors and the rooftop party.

D2D: Homepage

August 16, 2012freelance

Here’s sample cropped from the Degrees 2 Dreams homepage. I also illustrated seven floors of a building for the website’s inner (content) page.

Degrees 2 Dreams

August 8, 2012freelance

Here’s a coulpe Sherpas from my latest project. I’m working with my friends at Fizzy Media to create a website for a start-up called Degrees 2 Dreams. My contribution is  illustrating a city building from the ground floor to a party on the roof. The site’s content ls sandwiched between the illustrations of the floors (building levels). Sherpas show up on the homepage … Read More