Color Stories Grid

April 11, 2013studio work

Here’s the completed piece. Working on a grid at this scale allowed me to experiment a lot with materials and concepts. I plan to keep going with the Color Stories project by working in a larger format on a surface (likely wood) that will allow me to dig deeper into one idea and give me … Read More

Test Strips

April 7, 2013studio work

In the next phase of  the Color Stores project I am working on the actual paint swatches and juxtaposing them in a grid pattern. The one I’m working on now consists of twenty-five swatches assembled in rows of five. Above are a small sample of swatches from my process of experimenting with materials and imagery. I tried everything … Read More

Color Stories

March 26, 2013studio work

This is a piece called Stripped from my latest project currently titled Color Stories. The series title: Color Stories comes from the Benjamin Moore color collection, where each color “has an enticing tale to tell”. The three colors above are from that collection and if you view the colors online they offer links to swatches that resemble the … Read More


February 22, 2013studio work

Part of a series I’ve been working on for my AIB MFA studio work. More personal work to come as I move away from freelance work and focus on my development as a fine artist.