BFA Animation Capstone Films

Capstone Animation Filmmaking Courses: IANIM 2020 Sophomore Seminar 2 & IANIM 3500 Junior Seminar IANIM 3500 Junior Seminar Capstone Course, BFA in Animation & VFX, 3 Credits Course Description: This course will focus on the importance of the collaborative nature of animation production. Students will be immersed in the creative development process as well as … Read More

Animation Filmmaking Pre-Production: Sophomore Seminar 1

IANIM 2110 Sophomore Seminar 1: Animation Filmmaking Pre-Production Course Description: This course will focus on topics pertaining to the pre-production and planning process of making an animated short film. Students will partake in a variety of conceptual and technical tasks that explore various forms of storytelling as well as use the class as a resource [...]

First-Year Animation & Motion Media Courses

Foundations Courses: Principles of Animation 1 & 2, Character Animation Basics, & Animation Festival   All work completed at Lesley University College of Art and Design, Cambridge MA. 2015 – 2020.