Portfolio of Student Work

Student Reel: Animation Seminar (Capstone) Films 2019-2022

IANIM 2020 Sophomore Seminar 2 & IANIM 3500 Junior Seminar



IANIM 3500 Junior Seminar 

“Home Sweet Home Planet” Pre-Production Character Designs. 2022.
alien character lineup
HSHP Character lineup

Junior Seminar: “Stained Red” Pre-Production, Rough Character Designs. 2022.

stained red lineup

Junior Seminar: “Tiny Baker” Pre-Production, Rough Designs: Characters, Backgrounds, and Props. 2022.
Tiny Baker Character Designs
Tine Baker Backgrounds
Tiny Baker Props


I am happy to provide additional student work examples, including student work from courses in other departments like Image in Context and New Media Design: Digital Collage