HC-159: Work in Progress

April 25, 2013studio work

Here’s some close up shots of a piece I’m currently working on. It’s a painting on 22″ x 22″ pine (working title: HC-159). Materials used: house paints, acrylics, inks, colored pencils, charcoal and the all important paint removal/ mark making tools like sandpaper and a paint scrapper. This piece could be nearly complete (I thought it … Read More

Artists for Humanity

April 23, 2013other artists

I had the pleasure of  touring the Artists for Humanity facilities today. It is an amazing organization that employs Boston teens as professional artists. The place was buzzing with kids crafting work from recycled materials. It’s a big place where they do it all from sculpture to graphic design. What makes it even more interesting is they have the “greenest” … Read More

ICA: Barry McGee

April 14, 2013exhibitions

I went with my family to see the Barry McGee exhibit at the ICA. It was a big hit for all with the exception of the very noisy animatrons that freaked out my kids. Emerging yourself in this exhibit is quite the experience and work a look if you can get over ther by September.

Color Stories Grid

April 11, 2013studio work

Here’s the completed piece. Working on a grid at this scale allowed me to experiment a lot with materials and concepts. I plan to keep going with the Color Stories project by working in a larger format on a surface (likely wood) that will allow me to dig deeper into one idea and give me … Read More

Test Strips

April 7, 2013studio work

In the next phase of  the Color Stores project I am working on the actual paint swatches and juxtaposing them in a grid pattern. The one I’m working on now consists of twenty-five swatches assembled in rows of five. Above are a small sample of swatches from my process of experimenting with materials and imagery. I tried everything … Read More