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My blog, Lollygaggin’ has moved. That’s right, I made the jump to Tumblr. This is the old home of Bill Porter’s artist blog and where the archives reside for now.  To see follow my latest work, please visit me in my new home on Tumbler.

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Finally taking more photos again, thanks to having an iPhone in my pocket. I prefer using my Nikon SLR but it can be a pain lugging it around. It’s nice having a camera in my pocket at all times to capture a shot when the inspiration strikes. I’m also digging the Instagram app.

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Now Available in Brasil

This comic seems to be very popular with textbook publishers around the world and has made it’s debut in Brazil. In addition to this one that’s already in print, it’s also on the way to the presses at two other publishers in Brazil as well as one in France.

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Lemonbee Pottery

I designed this business card for my friend Laurie Burns’ pottery business, Lemonbee Pottery. Below are a couple of the designs that didn’t make the cut.

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Faces of Fizzy Media

I just completed an illustration project for my friends at Fizzy Media. They hired me to create illustrated versions of the two founding partners, Paul and Taylor. These will be used on their Bio page and may show up in other parts of the website and print marketing materials. If your company is looking for a creative and talented team to help you build a solid web presence, these are your guys.

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Home Cleaning

It’s about time I freshened up my homepage with a new banner image. This one seemed appropriate for the Easter weekend. Go Celtics!

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Coimic’s Communication Advantage

My old comic “Generation Gap” has been published in another textbook. Just from posting the comic on this blog a few years ago I’ve been approached with requests for the rights to the comic by textbook publishers in four countries: France, Taiwan, Germany and now the good old USA. This time in a book titled “The Communication Advantage” by Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, RN. It’s fun to see how the image is used to illustrate different points. And this one I can actually read without a translator. Kathleen is a respected and accomplished author and educator, so I am honored that she wanted my work in her book.
I also get the occasional college professor that requests the rights to put the image in a PowerPoint Presentation or course site. I just wonder how many people out there just do it without asking, probably quite a few. As long as they credit me and don’t make money off it, that’s fine with me.

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How to Steal Like an Artist

Here’s Austin Kleon’s take on creativity, “How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)”. A must read for anyone who wants to tap into their creative side.

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Snowball catch on the lake

Having fun playing a game of snowball catch with my dog Kaya on Long Lake.

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Textbook material

I signed a contract with San Min Book Co. to have my comic titled, ‘Generation Gap’ publish in a Taiwan textbook called ‘Consumers’ Behavior’. This is the second time this image has been published in a textbook, the last time in France. Apparently this illustration translates across all cultures. Funny thing is I didn’t approach any publishers. They both found the image posted on the web and contacted me about purchasing the rights.

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Winter has arrived


Took this shot at Long Lake Park on Sunday after the first snow fall of the seaon.

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Happy 0th Birthday!

I’m proud to announce a new addition to my family. Colin Alan Porter. My 4 year old daughter Allie made a card for the little man. According to her it’s his birthday, and this is the inside of the card she made. I’m on the left with her and the baby on the right with a crab between them, of course.

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Throw out those old student records


Here’s a recent illustration I did that will be used to help a campaign to get college faculty to throw out their old student records.

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Share Some Candy

I found another great art blog I wanted to share with you. It’s call Share Some Candy. What is it? Here’s how they put it:

sharesomecandy is a curated collective of inspiring design finds and art. the content is appropriate for all audiences – 9-99. criteria for inclusion are finds that are universally inspiring, beautiful and thought provoking. every image is referenced to its found location through a ‘via’ link.

Basically a site loaded with all kinds of inspirational art. The stop-motion animation below is an example of the kids of work you’ll find on there.

I should also take this moment to apologize to all those Lollgygaggin readers out there. I am well aware of the fact that I haven’t posted in a very long time. Sad when stuff like this gets put on the side burner. Where has my time been spent? Well, with a new puppy, a sick pregnant wife, 3 year old and battling through an overload of work at my paying gig. Still not a legit excuse. Luckily the creative bug is firing up inside and hopefully to the point where I can’t hold it back. So expect to see me back at it again soon.

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CMR Illustrations

I was hired to design characters for Here’s the priest and church executive characters I created for the CMR homepage.
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Illustration Friday: Celebrate / Lollygaggin 2nd Anniversary

A very fitting Illustration Friday topic this week. Goes nicely with the image I was already going to post today. I got a 2 for 1 out of it. Today is the 2 year anniversary of Lollygaggin and that’s certainly reason to celebrate. Or at least good excuse to whip up this illustration.


Academic Technology Innovation Grant – event poster

This is something I whipped up for a poster design. It’s for a Boston College ATIG recognition luncheon and workshop. The organization encourages faculty to incorporate cutting edge technologies in their teaching.

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Allie sketch

Here’s a guy my 3 yr old daughter, Allie drew a while back. It’s fun seeing her now stating to draw faces and other objects. I love how she always adds a little tuft of hair on top of each character. You’ll also notice dots that look like accidents. If I’m not mistaken according to the artist, they are actually the nose and chin.

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Season’s Greetings

Happy Holidays to you and yerz! This is the design I whipped up for my family’s xmas card. I was very late with it this year. The cards still need to be filled out and mailed, yikes. I got caught up in other things and was slow to get the design done then we were hit hard by the ice storm that swept through New England last week, which has put projects like this on the back burner.

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chain postcards


My friends and I were having a little discussion about how we used to send funny homemade postcard to each other when we first went away to college. By the time we graduated email was getting huge and my use of postage stamps really tailed off. At this point it’s extremely rare that I mail anything with the exception of Netflix DVDs. Off that discussion my friend Lea decided to kick off a postcard chain. You know like a chain letter, only friendly. She sent one to me (the turkey collage seen below) and I in turn created one and sent it off to my other childhood friend Alex. The lawn darts are a reference to a song our band played back in middle school.

It was fun to send out some real mail an a great excuse for me to play around with watercolor.


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